NICs GP Federation has a robust approach to governance. Our Articles sets out the obligations of members, the composition of the GP Federation Board, the relationship between the board and members and how members join and leave.

The Federation has an integrated approach to governance which combines corporate, financial and clinical accountability and enables equality of input from clinical and non-clinical sources for the purpose of delivering high standards of care.

To view our Clinical Governance Policy Please click here: 3.CLINICAL-GOVERNANCE-POLICY-2019

To view our Management Policy Please click here: 1.Management-policy-NICS2019

The Federation’s Complaints Policy Please click here: 7.Complaints-procedurev-2019

Our approach to accessing patient information and our Fair Processing Notice is available here: NICS – Extended Access Service Privacy and Fair Processing Notice

To view our Chaperone Policy please click here: 10.Chaperone-policy