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GP Improved Access Services

Improved Access Services aim to provide additional appointments across the weekday and weekend to make access to health care. We also aim to provide new and innovative services that will benefit our patients and practices. 

Covid-19 Update

As of March 2020 all face to face GP Improved Access Services where cancelled to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.   

Service 1

Extended Access GP Appointments

NICS provides the patients of North West Surrey the chance to book Primary Care appointments for Weekday Evenings and Saturday Mornings. This gives patients more flexibility and the choice of when to see a clinician.

sErvice 2

Saturday Morning Nurse and Phlebotomy Appointments

NICS provides nurse and phlebotomy appointments on weekday evenings and saturday mornings.

Service 3

First Contact Physiotherapy

First Contact Physio appointments are available to all NICS Patients. If you have back or neck pain, or any other muscular or skeletal pain, thena detailed assessment by an experienced  physio my help you. Appointments are held either by phone or over a digital platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All in person serveices have been stopped. However, First Contact Physio is still running through video call appointments.

To book any Extended Access Services go through your local GP practice. 

You will receive confirmation of your Improved Access appointment by text message. You can cancel this appointment by replying to this text message prior to your appointment.

You will be seen by an experienced GP or Nurse, but it is unlikely that you will see your own GP or nurse.

Your medial record will, with consent, be available to the GP, Nurse or Physiotherapist that sees you, to ensure they have the information they need to give you the best possible care.


If you have issues or complaints about our improved  access services please get in contact.