GP Improved Access Service

GP Improved Access Service

Primary Care
Improved Access Service

Provided by:

North West Surrey Integrated Care Services (NICS)

NICS is a Federation consisting of all 38 GP practices in North West Surrey

About Us:

NICS is the GP Federation in North West Surrey, which consists of 38 GP practices who have agreed to work together to improve access to primary care appointments for the benefit of our patients.

What is the Primary Care Improved Access Service?

The Improved Access service offers registered patients across North West Surrey the opportunity to book an appointment or a range of primary care services outside of normal practice hours.

What Services we provide in North West Surrey:

• Weekday evening and Saturday morning GP appointments:
o On the day weekday bookings and in advance weekend bookings.

• Weekday First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) assessments:
o If you have pain/dysfunction associated with your back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee or ankle you will benefit from an assessment with a Physiotherapist before seeing a GP. The Physiotherapist will carry out a detailed examination of your condition and provide information on how you can manage this. Where a referral into other services is required the Physiotherapist can arrange this. The service is for over 18 year olds only.

• Saturday morning Nurse and Phlebotomy appointments:
o Booked in advance Cervical Cytology, Wound Care and Phlebotomy services. Phlebotomy is for over 16 year olds only.

NICS also have a partnership with LIVI to provide digital GP consultations as part of the Improved access on your mobile or tablet. LIVI are open Monday-Friday (7am-10pm) and Saturday-Sunday (8am-4pm).

How do I book an appointment?

Contact your GP surgery in the normal way to request an appointment. For a GP, Nurse or Phlebotomist if there is no appointment available at your practice, they may offer you an appointment in the Extended Access Service, if appropriate for you.

If you would benefit from a specialist Physiotherapist assessment then your practice can make this appointment.

How do I cancel an appointment?

You will receive confirmation of your Improved Access appointment by text message. You can cancel this appointment by replying to this text message prior to your appointment.

Will I see my own GP/Nurse?

You will be seen by an experienced GP or Nurse, but it is unlikely that you will see your own GP or nurse. If you would prefer to see your own GP or practice nurse, please book an appointment with your usual practice during their normal opening hours.

Will the GP, Nurse or Physiotherapist I see have access to my medical record?

Your medial record will, with consent, be available to the GP, Nurse or Physiotherapist that sees you, to ensure they have the information they need to give you the best possible care.

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For the full schedule of Improved Access Service, locations and details please see the leaflet below:

NICS GP extended Access Service- LEAFLET-booklet FINAL GREEN FONT – Nov 11North West Surrey